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Robotic History Robotic Psychology 101 #robohistory #robopsyche

The course has been created for high school students, grades 9-12. The course aims to raise awareness about robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The course increases student motivation about technology and robotic human interaction. The aim is for this experience to lead the students towards pursuing advanced degrees in engineering, robotic design and space travel/exploration. The first half of the year we survey the history of robotics, machines and automation. The second half of the year is a psychological survey of humans, robots and their interaction. Primarily students will map, observe and design parameters in which humans, robotics and Artificial Intelligence coexist. There are variations of this course offered at the college and graduate levels level through institutions like Harvard, Stanford and MIT. This is the first time this is being offered collectively at the secondary level. Follow our progress on Twitter @drcfritz.

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Ep. 34 - Dr. Charles A. Fritz - Teaching high schoolers about robots — RoboPsych Podcast — Overcast